Well, I guess that I should've written this post earlier :D But it's better late than never. A whole month passed since the end of GSoC and even more since the last post. Long story short, I managed to pass GSoC and got something working. … Read more ⇢


In the previous post I told about initial scaffolding of the GUI and this week I've been working on making the project architecture more solid, adding new features, fixing bugs. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to catch a cold in the high summ… Read more ⇢


Seems like quite some time have passed since the last post. That's because in the end of the last month I was busy with passing the last exams. And this month I've finally started to do the GUI. First off, I thought out the structure of th… Read more ⇢


Weekly reports are slowly turning into fortnightly reports, heh. But despite this I'm satisfied with the progress. During this time I managed to finish gdb-js, write documentation for it, publish it on npm and set up CI. Also, I f… Read more ⇢


This week the goal was to write more tests and implement more functionality for a GDB wrapper. However, I've faced with some problems that led me to rethinking of library design and changing my plans for project implementation. So, let's s… Read more ⇢

First week

So, the first week of GSoC has passed and here's my first weekly report. During this week the main goal was to get some gdb-js tests running. So, I've implemented some tests first and then started to raise functionality to mat… Read more ⇢

Hello World!

Hi! Since this is the first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Baygeldin, I'm a student of the Saint-Petersburg State University and this summer I'll work on the web GDB frontend project for Mozilla as part of Google Summe… Read more ⇢